Monday, January 12, 2009


Today in College Lit. we were asked by our teacher Mr. Kunkle whether or not we have a race? As it turns out I found that it was a really hard question to answer, but with some thought this is what I came up with.

I believe that everyone has a race, but what matters is how much you act on that race. Like how much you judge people who aren't the same race of you. So, yes, I have a race. I'm white, but looking at other people of different race I don't treat them any differently. I see them just like me, just like everyone else, except for those things that make us as an individual unique.

Like I bring up many times is my trip to Zambia. Before I left a lot of people said that I'm going to feel strange, maybe even a little afraid because there I would be the minority. But in reality, that didn't happen at all. In fact I hardly notice except for when I rarely thought about it. It didn't bother me in any way, and I thought of them just like I would think of anyone else including myself.

So, to me people have a race, but that's all it is nothing more. Plus what is race really? Is it your skin tone, religion, your origins, who your parents are, I mean who really knows right?

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Alyssa O said...

I agree that its a hard question to write about because there are so many ways to define it that there is no way to take a formal stance. I liked the discussions in class alright, but not writing about it. :P It's cool that you can relate with your Zambia trip though. :)